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Capta FS is a licensed financial services provider

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Foreign Exchange

// Businesses require specialised financial advisory services for shareholders, management, key individuals and staff alike. We provide a holistic service to businesses/corporates covering all the below-mentioned aspects of their needs.

In conjunction with our sister company Capta FX, Capta FS is able to provide clients with intelligent foreign exchange solutions, by specialising in foreign exchange and international remittance to and from every major global destination. We are able to offer our clients highly competitive exchange rates as well as little or no banking charges per transaction which equates to significant savings for our clients, private individuals, SME’s or corporate companies alike.

With a deep understanding of the sector, not only are we highly skilled in G10 currencies, Capta FX is one of the few companies with a proven track record and ability to deliver ‘Exotic’ currencies and help our clients navigate the most complex of currency requirements.

With access to major banks, global counter parties and numerous liquidity providers, we are not only able to provide our clients with excellent rates of exchange and customer service but prompt execution of trade, ensuring secure and timely delivery of funds.

Private Individuals

Capta FX can assist private individuals with transferring money and making foreign exchange payments out of and into South Africa. We offer the most competitive exchange rates and no transaction fees. Due to the annual volumes of transactions we trade we are able to obtain treasury rates from our partner banks, thus giving our clients rates that cannot be matched.

We offer our services to both residents and non-residents and will have a solution for you. Whether you’re emigrating, selling your house locally or abroad, making a foreign investment, or donating funds to someone overseas we’ll have a solution for you.

A South African Residences Annual Limits are as follows: 

Private individuals may utilise the below Foreign Investment Allowance per calendar year:

• R 1,000,000 per adult – No SARS Tax Clearance Required
• R 10,000,000 per adult – SARS Tax Clearance Required

Capta FS can assist clients with obtaining SARS tax clearances within 1-2 days.

Clients are also able to make applications to the SARB to be able to move funds in excess of the R10 Million above. Capta FS is able to process this SARB application on our client’s behalf. Should you wish to have an offshore currency denominated banking account, we will assist in opening an account for you with one of our global partnered banks.

Corporate Clients

Our Corporate clients include importers and exporters, and companies incurring cross-border payments and receipts. We can assist with spot contracts and forward contract facilities, foreign direct investment applications and other South African Reserve Bank applications. We offer excellent exchange rates and no transaction fees. Due to the annual volumes of transactions we trade we are able to obtain treasury rates from our partner banks, thus giving our clients rates that cannot be matched.

Imports and Exports

Importing or exporting? You will either have to purchase foreign currency to make payments to your overseas suppliers, or sell foreign currency received as payment from your overseas clients. This can be a significant cost to your business as both the spreads and bank charges can add up. Let Capta FX review your processes for buying and/or selling foreign currency and assist with your currency risk management at the same time. Capta FX can also arrange or provide forward cover facilities for hedging and managing currency risk. Capta FX’s services to companies include:

• Buying and selling currency
• Currency risk management and hedging strategies including forward cover
• Forex futures and options trading
• Trade finance to obtain terms on purchases
• Structured FX solutions
• South African reserve bank approvals

Trade finance

Exchange rates are volatile by their very nature and a large move in the exchange rate can have a significant impact on the cost of your goods imported or revenue from export proceeds.

If your company is making payments or receiving payments into the future and you want to secure the exchange rate now and have certainty about the future exchange rate, you may want to consider a hedging strategy to manage your currency risk. This will require a forward exchange facility to enable your business to secure exchange rates into the future.

We will assist you with setting up the facility and developing a strategy to manage your currency risk and any exposure to your business.

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