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Get yourself the best financial plan for a better future

May 3, 2017

You may find yourself thinking that your future is settled, that with your current job you are making sufficient money and there is no need to save. Unfortunately ‘life happens’ and our circumstances change.
We cannot predict when and what will happen but we can (and should) have plans in place to cover big life events such as retirement, education and debt management.
Without a financial plan in place you are more than likely going to experience sleepless nights when these events do occur and will more than likely have to rely on debt, family or friends to get you out of trouble.
All of this can easily be avoided if you just set aside a couple of hours each year to develop and review your plans.
Ideally you should hire a professional who can assist you in creating and automating a financial plan so that you can get on with your life, while having the peace of mind that all of your financial affairs are taken care of.
4 Tips to start managing your finances better

We have the knowledge, experience and skill to help you create and implement a plan offering you full serenity. We can show you which wealth strategies are available to you and then help you implement the ones that best suit your specific circumstances.

  1. Create a surplus (budgeting)

  2. Grow your wealth (investments)

  3. Invest in your children's future (education plan)

  4. Save for your future (retirement plan)


1. Create a surplus so you can settle debt faster


We all have debt of some kind and the difficulty you may experience in settling your debt may increase over time. This could cause you to sell personal assets to help you out.


By creating a surplus and then combining that with a debt plan you can pay off your debt far quicker than you ever thought possible and not to mention save you thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of Rand in the process.


A great way of creating this surplus is to do an analysis of your insurance (life policy). The insurance industry is very competitive and companies are always trying to find ways to get your business.


We use two strategies that insurance companies currently offer to help our clients create a surplus.


The first one is to reduce the monthly premium without jeopardising any benefits (we have found a way to get up to 50% discount for our clients).


If that strategy doesn’t work for you then we concentrate on getting cash paybacks for our clients (up to 50% of your premiums paid back into your bank account).


This plan will relieve you from surviving day to day and aid you in having a better financial future.



2. Grow your wealth by investing in quality assets

Have you ever wondered why you are stuck in your current financial rut even though you are working over 40 hours a week? Does it feel like you are earning more but somehow you have less? The reason could possibly be that you are not making the best use of your money.


Part of the problem could be that you are not sure where to start. Should you be settling more of your debt, or investing for retirement, or saving for emergencies?


We can help show you what you should be focusing on right now, while still having a plan in place to cover everything else.


Convert your current income into future wealth


Completing our free ‘5 Minute Financial Health Check’ is a great way to start.



3. Invest in your children's future

Our children really are our future and I know every parent wants to save for their children’s education.


Raising a child is expensive (no doubt about that), however, with an education plan you can start securing your child’s future and you can achieve your goals of sending them to the top educational institutes in the world.



4. Save for your future

All your life you have worked hard to ensure that you have a good retirement so that you enjoy the time with your family as well as your personal hobbies.


A great retirement plan will offer you a haven for all your hard work. With this strategy you know that you can provide for your own future, your family’s future and that your investments will continue to grow.


We have five very successful and well proven strategies to optimise your current retirement funding.



Wrap Up

Getting a financial plan helps you make the right decisions about your future, helping you achieve your goals and turning your current income into future wealth.


We are very passionate about your financial future and ensuring that you get the best possible service.


We want to make sure that you have a sound financial strategy and we believe that we have the best solutions to help you achieve that.


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